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         Born in Louisiana, FC Etier spent most of his adult life in Baton Rouge, eventually splitting his time between Baton Rouge and Gulfport, Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina

sent him in search of a safer harbor, which he found in Western North Carolina. With an eye for the unusual found within the usual, Etier has been involved with photography for many years. A fan once remarked, “Give him an acre and he’ll find a million inspirations.” Hoping that there are others who like what he sees through his viewfinder and who will support his interests, Etier is seldom found without his camera. His influences range from Shutterbug and Black and White magazines to Salvador Dali, with many others along the way, including Scott Kelby, Dennis Hopper, Patty Smith, Miriam Goldberg, William Eggleston,  and Ansel Adams.  He studied art at Louisiana Tech University and independently learned the art of photography. 

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Music by Forrest Richardson and used with his permission.

ETIER’s Digital Darkroom


In 1996, I began working in the digital medium with

the purchase of my first digital camera, a Kodak

Easyshare with three megapixels.  I now use digital

exclusively for photography. When I became

seriously interested in photography in 2000, I started

shooting with a digital single lens reflex, the Pentax

*ist D, a six megapixel camera with which I have

taken many of my black and white photos.


In early 2007, I purchased a twelve megapixel

Canon EOS 5D and several “tack sharp” Canon

lenses.  Most of the color images and all of my more

recent black and whites were taken with the Canon. 


Since the original data is stored on a disk in my

computer at Royal Flamingo Works Studio, every

image sold is an original printed on HP Premium

Plus photo paper with HP’s Vivera ink.  Hewlett

Packard promises that Vivera ink and HP paper

combined offer a “no-fade” product that should last

over one hundred years.


In the last year I have taken over fifteen  thousand

photos.  Perhaps you will find several that you like.

My work is available through this website and at:

Kress Emporium, Patton Ave. -- Asheville, NC

Tupelos, Soco Road -- Waynesville, NC


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