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Bob Etier


Bob Etier, a/k/a Miss Bob, was raised in various parts of New Jersey, and lived there until love called her to Louisiana. She resided in both Baton Rouge and Gulfport, Mississippi, until Hurricane Katrina blew her and her little dog to the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Bob has worked in various media, including acrylic on canvas, textiles, and paint on glass. She is currently developing “What is Art.”, a collage series that incorporates paper, plastic, vintage jewelry, buttons, illustrations, photographs, pebbles, ribbon, and whatever else feels right. She has been influenced by all artists—some positively, some negatively—but finds inspiration in the works of God, street artists, anomalies of nature, unknown illustrators, decomposing buildings, and mistakes. Bob’s major influences have been Bernie Kleinstein, Katharine Hepburn, Tim Burton, Chloë Kiefer, David Lynch, the Reilly brothers--Michael and B3, and Alfred Hitchcock. Bob is co-founder of Royal Flamingo Works, the studio she shares with photographer FC Etier.



Artist’s Statement:

“I can’t think of anything crueler to do to potential patrons than subject them to long, pretentious artist’s statements. Let’s face it, the work is the statement. I think that color is something you play with, and art should have a sense of humor. There are very few things that don’t have some essence of humor (9/11 would be one of them), and I have taken the responsibility of exploiting that humor. I hope that my work speaks to people, whether as eye-candy or through implied or inferred meaning, but mostly I hope it sells.”