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Comment by: Keenan
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Comment by: Polly A Burkett
Wow Chip! Now that I have viewed your photography, I am honored that you were my successor in Sylva. Gives me bragging rights to say I know you!! Enjoyed your photos, now will read one of your books. OBTW, there are 2 things I want to be when I grow up: a photographer and detective. Wish me luck!
Comment by: Bob Scotney
I'll come back here each week when looking for a photo to match a theme for my blog. Thanks Chip.
Comment by: Art Hoffman
Still struck by the serendipity of how we came to meet and to find that we have so much in common. Looking forward to our relationship blossoming when we see each other at Folkmoot this July. Have been enjoying going through your portfolio here and elsewhere. Wish my video skills were as polished as your photography. But then I haven't been at this as long...see you soon.
Comment by: Jonathan Venusti
Hello! I met you on the pier in Edgewater earlier today! Your site is beautiful, keep up the awesome work !
Comment by: Stephanie
Hi, Chip thanks for supporting Art collective. Beautiful photographs, I love how you capture the small things, the things we often miss in our busy lives. Stephanie
Comment by: Maggie E. Harris
Great photography, Chip! Do you think it is in the genes?
Comment by: Fazrul Arhan
Amazing & beautiful artworks! I'm impressed with the black & white stylish it's always be my favorites. The sephia look in locomotive pics really take my breath away..thanks for sharing this Chip.
Comment by: Teri Lynne Ledbetter
You are an amazing photographer Chip! I so enjoy looking at your work!
Comment by: Autumn Lee
Loved the journey through your site. I meandered a bit too long on the flower pics - beautiful. I especially like the dandelion!
Comment by: Bruce Blake
Chip, You are truly blessed with a creative eye. All your photos have such a warm feeling. Bruce
Comment by: Cherrie Nielsen
Great job!
Comment by: Rudy
This site contains exquisite photos that were taken by an extremely gifted artist. I wish you continued success in the future.
Comment by: woody
Well chip the music sounds better on your site,HA !Thanks for playing it Forrest Richardson Richardson
Comment by: Reese McKay
Hello Chip, These are great photographs. You are quite an artist with the camera, impressive. It's been a very long time since we last saw each other or talked. It is good to discover that you are doing so well and living in North Carolina. I am still in Colorado, where I've been for about 30 years. Have been studying Scottish Gaelic language for 10 years now. Best to you, Reese
Comment by: Gordana
Beautiful work.
Comment by: Aleta Butler
Chip, you have always been a uniquely special person. Outstanding job, my friend. Knowing you makes the pictures more alive for me. I love the depth of your character that is exhibited in your work.
Comment by: Lucy Stamilla
Hi Kathryn - We're taking a chance that you are the gal we knew in Teaneck many moons ago...Your work looks really interesting; hope all is well with you. Please contact me or Joey ( to say hello!
Comment by: Jannette Stevens
You do beautiful work. I will be back often.
Comment by: Tuure Toivikko
Great galleries!
Comment by: RennyBA
Really great photography fortfolio you have - keep up the good work! Btw: Thanks for the add at FaceBook :-)
Comment by: Judy
Amazing Pics, Chip!!!!
Comment by: Fran Howell Pearson
Proud to be your cousin. You have a God given talent and I am so glad to see you using it. Having Bob as such a great supporter must be special, too. Love, Fran
Comment by: Beth Massey
I love your photographs!
Comment by: Rodney Wood
Great photography! May God bless you as you help us all to see -- really see -- the beauty of His world.
Comment by: Bruce McGee
HI! Glad ya saw my website. If you're interested in the cd, I can send ya one. I was born in Lenoir, NC. Still have quite a few relatives up there. We drive up just about every year. Love in Christ, Bruce
Comment by: Pamela Davis
I was just surfing blogs...trying to figure out how to do one, and ran across your. I'm so glad I found it and took the time to view your work. Such beauty to behold. The combination of your photos and the music...I was been brought to tears. You have been blessed with a gift. Isn't it amazing how some things just seem to touch our hearts. Thank you. I am putting your site in my I can visit often. God Bless you.
Comment by: Lisa, Nurse Buffy's Friend
Nice pictures. I love the moon pic.
Comment by: Starlyn Chance-Willis
I am just a photography and music enthusiast, and was introduced to your site by Forrest Woodring via his page on the site. Your photos are BREATHTAKING, and his music is AWESOME!! I have daughters who are into both music and photography and I can only hope that they are as successful as the two of you. GOD BLESS...
Comment by: NurseBuffy
Love your new welcolm pic.
Comment by: David
Just stopped by for a quick visit. I found a place of beauty, serenity, reflection, and comfort. I will be back when I can explore your offerings in depth. It is truly a place to visit before you die. Number 101. Thanks
Comment by: Buffy
I love the new additions!!! Great work Buffy
Comment by: Mary Mueller
Awesome eye my friend. I'm actually jealous. I love photography, just don't have a lot of time to devote to it. But you have inspired me to work more at it. I'll be back often to check up on your work.
Comment by: Steve Kelley
Chip I never knew you were such great artist. Good Luck!!! Steve
Comment by: John Guild
Hey Chip, I like your site. I need to spend more time going through it but several images caught my eye Cityscapes/Street, Sundown Shopping – Nice black and white, makes me wonder what the people are looking at. You have captured the light very nicely. A nicely farmed out image with the edge of the store front to the left and awning at top. Floral Drama (I was drawn to this as I saw some flowers on black, something I myself have been working with lately) BW Tiger Lilies – A nicely detailed black and white. It looks like you have placed the flowers on a black textured surface. Relative to my work with flowers on black, the hardest part was trying to figure out how to get a black (totally black) background. Fragile Earth Competition, Dead Zinna – I like it. So many photogs believe that the only flower shot worth taking is of a fresh flower. The true art photographer with trained eye and developed vision knows that is not the case. Nice capture! In general, you have a well laid out web site, inviting, fascinating, filled with consistently high quality art photography. I book marked it as a favorite Take care, stay safe – John Guild
Comment by: etta rester-hicks
I found your web site by pure accident and was so excited to meet someone who may be a distant relative and also and artist! I live in Jackson MS and do paint, mostly oil but some watercolor. My grandmother's maiden name was Etier. I have done no research but am occasionally drawn to the area of my mother's birth which is out from Monroe. (There is an Etier cemetery in the Columbia area). Just thought I would pass this on as a bit of trivia and wish you the best with your wonderful work.
Comment by: Donna
Wow,Chip!!! Great expansion of your site, since last I saw it. Keep up the good work. See ya.
Comment by: Darlene
This is a rather impressive collection of photographs! Thank you very much for sharing them. Talent such as yours is a gift, and I must say you use your gift effectively.
Comment by: james kaval
Excellent photography. The web design presents your work quite impressively. Thanks for sharing.
Comment by: Dan Hill
Very nicely done site both in terms of design and content...Dan
Comment by: HP Q5942x
I was very much impressed with your creative thinking. I love music. I like your website too. ________ jackspar.
Comment by: paul allan
Nice to be here. I am proud to sign your guestbook. _____ paul allan. <a href="">HP Q5942x </a>
Comment by: Alfredo Fettucine
Website: It's under the eaves in back of the garage. You should see the way it sparkles with fresh dew!
Great site! I can't express my feelings any better than the way Don Van Vliet once said it: "The stars are matter, and we are matter, but it doesn't matter." P.S. Pretty sneaky posting a comment, Kathryn Elizabeth -- you can't fool all of the people all of the time!
Comment by: Forrest Woodring Richardson
Hello my friend .I love your music.WEb page fantastic.Maybe someday in the future we can see oneanother again.Thank for helping.Your friend forever.njfh
Comment by: Joyce Whipple
WOW Chip, I'm really impressed by your works! You have a very creative eye and have some tongue in cheek humor too! (which I immediately recognized.) Am sending your site to all I know. Thanks!
Comment by: Fran
Hey Chipper!! Am I impressed. I always knew you were talented and your pictures are heart-warming and tug at my heartstrings. As always I love the pics from NW Louisiana and New Orleans. Keep it going. Love, Fran Howell Pearson
Comment by: Anne
I always knew you could do it!! Now, I've seen it. Great work!!! Keep it coming.It's hard to be humble when your little brother just keeps going on and on. Happy days ahead to you...
Comment by: David Cirka
Website is super....Great work Chip...... everyone owns cameras.... few own the talent. Stay healthy, happy and productive.
Comment by: Linzi
Cool interperting rx pic...That's me!!!!
Comment by: carole mourad
Comment by: Buffy Leigh
Very inspiring. Great Job!!
Comment by: Donna Melton
Excellent work, Chip. I have enjoyed looking at your photos. Very nice.
Comment by: Beth Brown
Beautiful photography. Really enjoyed viewing every picture. Great eye for things out of the ordinary! I like that!
Comment by: ryan etier
Comment by: Yvette Price
Wow....This is awesome Chip.I guess you learned alot before you left Louisiana. Still miss your beautiful fresh roses at the pharmacy. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Keep up the great work.I enjoyed every picture.
Comment by: Kathryn Elizabeth
This is the most wonderful collection of photographs anywhere! Such talent! Such artistry! I am a better person for having viewed it!
Comment by: Chip Miller
Great creativity in the website and the cutting edge photography. You've got a good eye Chip; you've captured perfectly the addage that a picture is worth a thousand words. Terrific work!!
Comment by: Otis Etier
I am no authority but they look real good Chip

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